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CheeYuen is a leading company in the production of plastic parts , experienced more than 30 years manufacturing parts for delivery to customers OEM and REM have been exported to overseas sales to more than 100 countries worldwide.

CheeYuen production process fully. We provide services from mold design, plastic injection molding, plastic spray painting, plastic chrome plating, PVD, post-processing, assembly and production control by experts. maintain efficiency and product quality according to specified standards​.

Our Services

Mold Manufacturing

Being a manufacturer in the plastic injection mold industry, we understand that a quality component begins with a good mold and a good part design. We emphasize on customer satisfaction and product quality, so our key succes factor of mold making is the quality. Read More

Injection Moding

We have more than 300 injection machines from 30 tons up to 1,600 tons. We can provide the injection parts for small clips up to 15 Kgs. of bumper or pallets. The annual output capacity is 9,775 tons. Read More

Plastic Chrome Plating

Currently, we have been supplying electroplating and painting plastic automotive and home appliance decorative components for well-known brands such as General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Volvo, Volkswagen, Tata, Mahindra, Toyota, Tesla, Delonghi, Grohe, American Standard, etc. Read More


Equipped with full automatic painting lines and complete testing apparatuses, at the present time, CheeYuen has been supplying customers with different versions of painting components like paint over chrome, high-gloss paint parts ,and decorative piano black products, etc.Read More


At CheeYuen, we primarily plate with PVD on plastic and metal. The most common PVD colors are black and gold, however with PVD we can also achieve blues, reds, and other interesting colors. Read More

Post Processing and Assembly

Our capability to provide efficient and accurate assembly, kitting and packaging services sets us apart from other electroplating companies. Read More