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Production Equipment

Mold Manufacturing and Injection Shops

Mold Manufacturing and Injection Shops

Mold Manufacturing Center

Mold Manufacturing

Mold Fabrication

Tool maintance

Tool Maintance

Mold repair workshop

Mold Repair Workshop

Molding shop

Molding Shop

Injection workshop

Injection Workshop

Molding injection machines

Molding Injection Machines

Centralized feeding system

Centralized Feeding System

Japanese Yushin robot arm

Japanese Yushin Robot Arm

Molded bezel de-gating

Molded Bezel De-Gating

Auto door handle de-gating

Auto Door Handle De-Gating

Coffee machine cover de-gating

Coffee Machine Cover De-Gating

Electroplating Workshop

Electroplating workshop

Electroplating Workshop

Circular Plating Line 1

Circular Plating Line

Loading parts

Loading Parts onto Jig

Parts to be plated

Parts to Be Plated

Eletroplating tank

Eletroplating Tank

German AUCOS control system

German AUCOS Control System

Resin process

Resin Process

Copper plating process

Copper Plating Process

Matt chrome process

Satin Chrome Process

Unloading parts from the rack

Unloading Parts from the Rack

Full inspection

Full Inspection

Inspection & package

Inspection & Package

Painting & PVD workshops

Painting workshop

Painting Workshop

PVD wokshop

PVD Wokshop

Japanese Anest Iwata Spay guns

Japanese Anest Iwata Spay Guns

UV painting room (1)

UV Painting Room

Post Processing and Assembly Workshop

Masking process for auto bezel

Masking Process for Auto Bezel

Buffing for auto lever

Buffing for Auto Lever

Pad printing for Grohe bathroom  components

PAD Printing for Grohe Bathroom Components

Engraving process

Engraving Process

Knob assembly

Knob Assembly

Blue film assembly

Blue Film Assembly

Assembly operation

Assembly Operation

Auto knob package

Auto Knob Package