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High Quality ABS Bright Nickel Plated Bezel part for Wolf Oven

Product Specification

Project name Bezel Oven
Part name High Quality ABS Bright Nickel Plated Bezel part for Wolf Oven
Part number 5T59
Part dimension Φ71.36*38mm
Process Bright Nickel+ Brushing+ Clear coat+ Pad Printing
OEM color code Grey, Gold
Plating test standard ASTM 3359-3B/ASTM D3363-2HMIN-4H/ASTM-D5894
Application scene Household, Wolf Oven knob switch decorative part

Key Features

▶ Component with luxury stainless steel surface, long-lasting durable, solid performance, strong corrosion prevention, easy to install, and economical in price. ▶ Currently, we have been supplying all kinds of bezels, knobs, switches for renowned manufactures such as Whirlpool, Mabe, Wolf, General Electric, etc. ▶ Our products have been successfully applied to multiple application fields such home, commercial, hotel, and have been highly praised and trusted by customers.  

Our Advantages

Premium Quality

Strict quality control processes ensure that each part meets exceptional quality standards, enduring the test of time and usage.

Quality Control

We strictly abide by the required quality certification standards such as ISO 9001& ISO 14001, meticulously controlling every step from raw material procurement to associated production, and finally inspection, to make sure that the desired component meets the highest standards.

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