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Stylish ABS Plating Satin Chrome-ZK68 Nissan gear FIN-AT-LWR Parts

Product Specification

Project name FIN-AT-LWR
Part name Stylish ABS Plating Satin Chrome-ZK68 Nissan gear FIN-AT-LWR Part
Component code 5T58
Product size 341.66*94.17mm
Process Injection Molding+Insulation+Satin Chrome
OEM color code Grey-ZK68
Plating test standard NES C 5055[2014-N]/NES M 0301[2016-N]/KM0003-15NES M 0094[2015-N]
Application scene Automative , NISSAN gear system decorative part
Car Manufacture NISSAN, North America.

Key Features

▶  Production characteristic: Elegant and attractive surface, high resistance to corrosion, long-lasting durable and reliable performance.

▶  A turnkey production lines: with advanced molding machines, full-automatic electroplating line & chemical testing facility, modern testing equipment, and post processing assembly, etc.

▶ Bespoke service: According to customer’s requirement, our seasoned engineering team can also devise a proper design that aligns with your requirements, including substrate material, structure, plating shade, and other features.


Our Company’s Edge

Our strength lies not only in the state-of-the-art production equipment and efficient processes but also in the concept we uphold:“Win-win cooperation,100% Customer Satisfaction, Green development, Sustainable operation.”

With a professional technical team and an advanced management model, we have become a named production supplier in plastic electroplating on automotive/home appliance/bath parts.

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