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trivalent chromed plating door handles

Product Specification

Project name S220 from ITW, India
Part name S201 IDH LEVER LH-Dark chrome
Part number CB00007084
Part dimension 130mm*41mm*56mm
Resin ABS/PC HAC 8244
Process Molding injection+ Plating (Trivalent black chrome) +Engraving & protective film
OEM color code Dark chrome
Plating test standard M&M standard G001039
Usage scenario Automotive body parts
Car manufacture Mahindra, India.

Key Features

▶ Long-lasting durability.

▶ High strength.

▶ Flawless finish.

▶ Elegant and attractive appearance.

▶ High eco-friendly.



In comparison to the bright chrome, what is the staple advantages of trivalent black chrome?

● Composition of plating solution
It is comprised of chromic chloride, conductive salt, as well as a great number of additives and they belong to environment-friendly substances.

● Coating composition
Cr3 coating is regarded as an alloy of Chromium iron and other elements, instead, Cr6 mainly consists of pure chromium.
Higher gloss requirement than hexavalent chrome.

Can you offer bespoke design the surface of plastic components?

Sure. As per customer’s requirement, CheeYuen Surface Treatment can offer tailored-made turnkey services.
With more than 33 years of experience in plastic electroplating, we have successfully supplied various electroplating automotive accessories for household brands like Tata motors, Mahindra, Volvo, Fait Chrysler, Toyota, General motor, BWM, Volkswagen, etc.

How’s your delivery?

● Flexible production plan and timely delivery
Customer’s delivery schedule-centric, our team will assess the best delivery and honor the customers’ delivery schedule punctually.

● What kind of industry certification do you have?
With almost 40 years’ development and exploration, we have established a complete quality management system and have been certified by international standards such as IATF16949 ,IS09001,ISO14001, and D-U-N-S.

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